ILL Fated Natives

The Philly based 3 piece soul-blues- funk band, the Ill Fated Natives, released their first single, "That Don't Mean," a couple days ago. They are painting a story of love that exists even if it doesn't appear so. The Black Keys. I haven't heard some good blues in a long time, all I can think of is listening to The Black Keys on record player and The South. Philly has some of the Blues!


Kenny, or Kenneth Sullivan, is a producer/engineer/ artist operating out of Parkhouse Studio in North Philadelphia. We've been following Kenny ever since we heard his track, "Pilot Gear", with the talented vocalist/ producer Ganou. This is the debut song on Kenny's mixtape, and it is the reason we really fuck with Kenny, having heard it before and having seen it performed live at Kung Fu Necktie about two months ago. The way they go back and forth with each other really strikes us as special. The same goes for the track "When Darkness." Kenny also had his release party at Kung Fu Necktie two weeks ago and here is the recap video from his release party, filmed and edited by the man Yinka Soda

Diving into the tape, Kenny really explores many avenues and covers sounds throughout the entire spectrum. "Nothing Matters" explores a story of pain and struggle and allows you to hear the strength in his voice. The production on "Cali Fire" combined with the voice of Roxy could just give you the chills. Kenny has a way of finding extremely talent female vocalists. Ganou and Roxy both sound like angels that dropped out of the sky and appeared at Parkhouse Studios. "Let Go" is one more that stands out, very mellow in nature. Kenny has a great story and you should listen. He'll be performing LIVE this Friday at The Fire (4th & Girard) along with many other talented artists. Come out.

Last but not least, follow this man, listen to his music. It's GREAT MUSIC.


Baby Eagle x Pure [Vol. 1]

Welcome to our new mix series. We are surrounded by so many amazing producers right now all with incredible sounds. With this series we would like to feature the artists we feel are on the brink of doing major things. 

Volume 1 is featuring "cha boi" Baby Eagle. He's been pushing these future club sounds and is doing his thing here in Philly with a new monthly party at The Barbary every 2nd Thursday. The party goes by the name of A/S/L. He's opening up for Trippy Turtle on March 21st at Underground Arts. Come through ---->

Tune in now. Find the track list on Soundcloud.

#DBNR's Culture x Lifestyle Ep. 3 - "The Lifestyle"

Local cats, #DBNR x Austin Horton, team up to show ya'll where they come from, their music, &  their culture. Check em out, spread the love.

Welcome To The Lifestyle Of Drugs, Beats & Rhymes.
What Is Your Addiction?

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Shot x Edited - Austin Horton - Sight- Beyond -Sound

For Yari - by Hard Comma White

Hard Comma White wrote this song for a friend of ours that passed this year. Yari was taken from us way too early, and led us to where we are now.  We, the whole PURE camp, have been thinking about you a bunch recently so we hope you all enjoy this. You're the light that never goes out. This is for all those who have lost ones.

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P.S. 118 releases a remix of SPOOKS (feat. Kevin Knapp) by Matt Tolfrey. If you like, PLEASE SHARE & VOTE HERE

P.S. 118 has been brewing under the radar for a little while now. This track, Dim The Lights, was released last year and nothing has been released since. This Spring, will be the release of their first EP. They will be making WAVES in the house scene, so Philly, WATCH OUT!


So if you like what you hear so far, please share & VOTE!!!!!

Josh Pan

Josh Pan - Dreams

NYC based producer, Josh Pan has been cookin' up some delicious tunes for the past year. Almost releasing a track a day, while continuing to raise consciousness through his art, Josh is determined. I'd describe sound as oriental future bass. Give him a listen!